Festival Sponsorship

A la Carte Options

The options below represent one-off opportunities to brand a particular, unique element of the Festival. Each of our “a la carte” sponsorships can be paired with additional properties as part of a larger, customizable package.

sponsorship (at) onereel.org


Mobile App

Bumbershoot’s mobile web app allows attendees to view their personal Festival schedule, browse what’s happening up to the minute and search the Festival program. Last year’s app (available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices) was downloaded 14,424 times.

Sponsorship of the mobile web app provides company branding at the fingertips of thousands of Festival attendees. Benefits of this sponsorship include company recognition on the mobile app’s launch screen, as well as brand affiliation within application descriptions and “Powered by” mentions in Festival marketing.

This sponsorship will include additional customizable benefits.