The Memphis Sound

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2:00pm Monday 9/1

1 Reel Film Festival

From Electraphonic to Aristocrunk, The Memphis Sound is an overview of recent Mid-South flavor curated by a Memphis native.

The Bo-Keys: Making of The Electraphonic Singles Series (Nathan Black, USA, 9min) Producer Scott Bomar introduces the current line-up of the Bo-Keys and their most recent project from his Electraphonic Recording studio.

60 Seconds with the City Champs (Christopher Reyes, USA, 1min) The City Champs have 60 seconds to share the biz.

Fast Planet – “Lost” (Matt Weatherly, USA, 5min) The band picks a fight with an imposing foe.

The Grifters – “Bummer” (Edward Valibus, USA, 3min) In honor of the 20th Anniversary release of One Sock Missing, life has everyone bored to death until an erratically invasive dance party causes a reawakening.

Tiger High – “Be the Indian” (Christopher Reyes, USA, 4min) Psychedelic garage rockers Tiger High perform a recent single.

Jo’zzy – “Over and Out” (Femethics, USA, 3min) Jo'zzy gets dopey.

Lord T & Eloise – “Wu Hui” (Christopher Reyes, USA, 3min) Lord T & Eloise take a trip to China to spread the gospel of crunk.

The City Champs – “Shishido Jo” (Jonathan DePriest, USA, 5min) A Japanese hitman is hired by the yakuza to eliminate a rival gang's boss.

Valerie June – “Workin’ Woman Blues” (Sabák & Farkas, USA, 4min) Valerie works her hands to the bone amidst men at rest.

Amy Lavere – “Rabbit” (Melissa Sweazy, USA, 4min) A young girl longs to return home after running away.

Mark Edgar Stuart – “Remote Control” (Adam Woodard, USA, 4min) Mark honors his late father with memories of a simpler time.

Myla Smith – “Can’t Say No” (Brad Ellis, USA, 3min) A fast food employee is frustrated with the working life until she experiences a change in perspective.