Make Me Laugh

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1:00pm Monday 9/1

1 Reel Film Festival

Give your abs a workout.

Ike Interviews God (Eli Shapiro, USA, 9min) Regular Ike must convince God not to destroy the world.

Baghdad Messi (Sahim Omar Kalifa, Belgium and UAE, 18min) Young Iraqi sports fan Hamoudi will do anything to watch the Champions League Final – even if it means finding a way to fix his television set.

Your Mother’s Maiden Name (Joe Ahern, USA, 4min) Pete calls his bank and endures the hardship of customer service that we all know all too well.

Salomea’s Nose (Susan Korda, Germany and USA, 23min) Salomea remembers the day her beloved brothers, Max and Karl, disfigured her and themselves for life, The Day of Tragedy according to her mother. A tragicomedy about sibling rivalry, disfigurement and that which binds us.