Films4Families 2

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12:00pm Sunday 8/31

1 Reel Film Festival

Films appropriate for kids and adults alike.

A Tropical Sunday (Fabián Ribezzo, Mozambique and Italy, 15min) Lisa, Babu, Gito, and Nuno live on the streets of Maputo. On Sundays they spend their time at the Funfair, looking for a chance to jump on a ride.

Vivos (Adrian Bohm, Argentina, 5min) The passengers of a mysterious train, about to get on a journey with unknown destination, show their true selves once and for all.

The Smortlybacks (Ted Sieger and Wouter Dierickx, Switzerland, 6min) On a tabletop mountain a mahout and his strange herd make a surprising and never-ending journey.

Monkey Rag (Joanna Davidovich, USA and United Kingdom, 4min) Bounce along with this animated romp set to the rollicking Asylum Street Spankers tune.

Mia (Wouter Bongaerts, Belgium, 9min) This rich, colorful animated short follows a young girl trying to free her mother from the workaholic nature of a bustling and overwhelming metropolis.

Gold (Marylou Mao, France, 3min) A little girl discovers a new world through an unexpected encounter.

My Mom is an Airplane (Yulia Aronova, Russia, 7min) A young boy imagines his mother to be an airplane who travels to exotic lands.