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Rock Out with TuneIn

Feel like a rock star by winning VIP prizes at the TuneIn booth. Then, see Festival faves like Crystal Castles, … read more

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diamond rings 2

Artist Spotlight: Diamond Rings

The very definition of eclectic, Toronto artist John O, aka Diamond Rings, kicks off a group of back-to-back electronic performances … read more

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Artist Spotlight: Why This? Why That? Why Now?

Bumbershoot’s popular lecture series (if you could even restrict it to that label) returns to the Words & Ideas stage for … read more

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Mayors Arts Awards

Free Friday Activities

Start your Bumbershoot weekend with FREE kickoff events offered Friday, August 30. All events below are open to the general … read more

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The Secret Spot at The Shoot

There exists a secret spot at Seattle Center during Labor Day Weekend. Bumbershoot’s “Room of Requirement,” if you will. Though … read more

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Artist Spotlight: Allen Stone

Washington native Allen Stone (born in the Northeastern town of Chewelah) brings soul, funk, and style to the 2013 Bumbershoot … read more

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Artist Spotlight: Comedy at the Bagley

While Bumbershoot’s 2013 comedy lineup features a whole host of fantastic performances by regional comedians, Comedy at the Bagley includes … read more

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Artist Spotlight: Jazz at Bumbershoot

The Seattle music scene is home to not only the infamous origins of grunge or the latest up-and-coming hip hop, … read more

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