Materials for Submission

  1. Contact Information
  2. Business Information
    • Business license for the State of Washington and City of Seattle, please include license numbers on the application; temporary permits will be available for non-licensed vendors
  3. Booth Information
  4. Product Details
    • If you have mutltiple menu formats, please complete a separate application for each
    • Include one up-to-date booth photo and a minimum of three product photos
  5. Event Experience

Deadlines and Notification

Digital submission via this form is preferred, but we will accept applications by mail. Send relevant materials to:

One Reel
ATTN: Bumbershoot Food Vendor Application
P.O. Box 9750
Seattle, WA 98109

Any physical application materials including the application fee of $20 must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, April 21. Your materials will not be returned.

Applications received after Tuesday, April 21 will be waitlisted or assigned space if any is available.

If you have questions, please contact vendors (at)

Notes for 2014

  • Due to City of Seattle regulations, Bumbershoot requires that ALL food packaging and service ware must be compostable or recyclable, including: plates, bowls, cold and hot cups, bags, napkins, utensils and straws. More detailed information about the regulation and approved compostable items is available.
  • There is a non-refundable $20 application fee.
  • There are a limited number of booths available in this category; we encourage you to apply early.
  • Changes to Seattle Center may limit some placement opportunities or may offer new placement options. More information will be available with acceptance notes.

Booth Fees

Bumbershoot will continue to work with a commission structure. Booth fees will range in price based on size and location (for example, corner booths may have a higher fee). Our goal is a stable partnership with professional vendors who will bring a sense of integrity and enthusiasm to Bumbershoot. We are looking for the highest quality in food, customer service, and booth presentation.

Food concessions vendors pay a one-time booth fee along with the commission. Fees may be paid in two installments. Commissions are paid prior to the Festival with a sales reconciliation process after the event.

You will be notified by e-mail the week of May 7. Food concession booth fees may be paid in two (2) installments. First installment is due by June 1 with the balance due by July 1.

2014 Food Vendor Booth Fees
$1,60010' x 10' snack booth*
$2,800–3,20010' x 15' to 10' x 20' entree booth (depending on location)

This flat non-refundable fee secures:

  • A vending space on grounds
  • One 4' x 5' space in a refrigerated container. Refrigerated space will not be available for snack booths unless otherwise requested.
  • A limited number of working credentials for each day of the Festival, based on the size and operational requirements of the booth.

*Please indicate on your application the size of booth you need. Only snack booths are eligible for 10' x 10' spaces. To be considered a snack booth, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • A menu limited to beverages or desserts
  • A menu limited to three items not to exceed $5 each
  • An exclusive popcorn, kettle corn, shaved ice or cotton candy menu

Vendors are responsible for supplying a canopy and any display equipment needed for their space. No “A” boards or hand written signage.

Commission Calculation

A 15% commission will be due on net sales less $4,000. For example, a booth with gross sales of $20,000 will follow this formula:

  • $20,000 - $1,701.74 (sales tax) = $18,298.26 (net sales)
  • $18,298.26 (net sales) - $4,000 = $14,298.26
  • $14,298.26 x 15% = 2,144.74 (commission due)

Approval packets for accepted booths will contain confirmation of booth size and projected sales. A deposit in the amount of the projected commission will be required prior to load-in. Actual commission will be based on sales reports turned in during the Festival.

In the event that vendor sales do not reach projections, the remaining balance from the deposit will be returned to the vendor by September 30. Any additional commission due Bumbershoot from sales that exceed projections will be due September 30.

Grounds Map

Preview possible locations with this handy PDF map.

Additional Information

Booths MUST REMAIN open from 11am – 9:00pm daily. Festival hours are 11am – 11:30pm on Saturday and Sunday, and 11am – 11:00pm on Monday. Please plan your staffing accordingly.

If your business is currently licensed in the State of Washington and City of Seattle, please include your license number on the application. Temporary permits will be available for non-licensed vendors. If your booth is on the International Fountain Covered Walkway or the Fisher Plaza you will need to provide cardboard for your canopy feet to sit on to protect the pavers.

Please note that all equipment and supplies must be enclosed within a canopy. The canopy may not exceed the dimensions of your vending space. If your booth requires additional uncovered vending space to operate high heat equipment, please indicate on your application the additional space needed. Vendors may rent canopy or other miscellaneous equipment (tables, chairs, etc.) from Bumbershoot if need be. Rental rates will be provided on the Technical Services Form in the approval packet.

Please note: One Reel may impose necessary conditions (at any time) on the vendor's sale of all types of beverages, either to comply with state, local or facility regulations and requirements, or to comply with supplier and/or sponsor agreements.

Selection Process

Booth spaces are assigned by the Festival. The general booth location will be indicated in the acceptance letter. A selection committee will review applications. Applicants will be judged on the written and photographic materials received. Primary criteria for acceptance will be: food quality, booth appearance, and conduct at previous festivals. All applicants will be notified of selection results within a few weeks.

Applications are only accepted from food vendors who can be present in their booth for all three days of the Bumbershoot. All menu items must be consistent with the photos submitted with the application. Bumbershoot reserves the right to close any booth that is not incompliance with these regulations. Notification regarding acceptance will be e-mailed to applicants during the week of May 7.

Applications received after the deadline will be accepted and placement assigned or added to the waiting list if your category is already full. Applications are only accepted from Vendors who can be present in their booth for all three days of the Bumbershoot.

Past participation does not guarantee acceptance. Bumbershoot reserves the right to refuse any application.


Booth structure and contents, including inventory, are the sole responsibility of the Vendor. One Reel, Seattle Center and the City of Seattle do not assume any responsibility for injury to persons, loss or damage to any property of Vendors, including theft, accidents or acts of God.


Vendors are not allowed to 'rove' with their merchandise at any time. No alcoholic beverages, loud music, televisions or 'hawking' are allowed within or in the vicinity of your booth. Vendors must stay within the booth site purchased. If you need a larger booth space, please request one in the area below.

The Bumbershoot festival name, logo, and theme are trademarked. Food vendors cannot sell or promote other organizations, causes or artist’s work in their booths. Food vendors must be present and their booth open during operating hours all three days of Bumbershoot.

Contact Information

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Business Information

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Booth Information

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  3. 10' x 10' 10' x 15' 10' x 20' 20' x 20'
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  5. Please write a 10- to 15-word description of your food. What makes it special?

  1. List menu items, including beverages. Note there is a $10 limit on entrée prices (and $5 limit on snack foods) unless otherwise approved by Bumbershoot.

  2. Anything else you'd like to share with us?

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Event Experience

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