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Bumbershoot 2008 monday

Discover Project Vera @ The Vera Project

For the past few years, The Vera Project has hosted our local comedy lineup at Bumbershoot, but this year, Seattle’s favorite youth-driven music and arts venue plays a new role at the Festival. Come check out Project Vera @ The Vera Project to take part in workshops, listen to music, or just to hang out. The goal of Project Vera @ The Vera Project (or PV@VP for short) is to provide programming that is aimed specifically at the 21 and under crowd and to provide a space that is comfortable for all ages.

Programming will include music provided by Hollow Earth DJs, FLIP workshops, and interviews and performances with Bumbershoot artists. Hollow Earth DJs will join us from Hollow Earth Radio, a Pacific Northwest freeform online radio station with a mission to present a, “forum for underrepresented music, sounds and perspectives.” Their music will set the ambiance throughout the day at PV@VP.

FLIP workshops will take place as well, FLIP is an acronym for Forum of Local and Independent Producers. Marco Collins, a prominent American radio personality, will MC this workshop about music sampling (casually referred to as “flipping”). Panel members will give demonstrations of their equipment and technique that they use to produce music.

FLIP panelists include a diverse group of producers with experience in several different niches. On Saturday, DJ Kid Amiga & The Vera Project DJ students will join us. DJ Kid Amiga instructs The Vera Project DJ students in a beginner-to-intermediate course where students learn basic DJ skills, are introduced to equipment, and hone their skills. Sunday brings three more producers to PV@VP. Starting with BeanOne, a dedicated father and veteran in the Seattle hip hop scene who has produced songs for Jurassic 5 and Black Sheep. Next, Wizdumb, a producer and former youth counselor and art director at KTUB, who uses analog producing techniques similar to hip hop legend and producer, J Dilla, will join us. IG88 will round out the group, he is a producer with an electro-ambient style who recently collaborated with soul singer (and 2014 Bumbershoot performer) Shaprece. On Monday, panelists include Spekulation, Vox Mod, and Katie Kate. Spekulation is most famous for the “Beast Mode” remix that was played on national TV during the Super Bowl. Vox Mod is a producer who combines psychedelic elements into his brand of electronic music, and recently shared his perspective with Seattle Weekly on the immense significance of music in our lives. Katie Kate will complete the three, she is a multi-talented and classically trained female rapper and producer with proficiency in 15 instruments and a fiery personality.

Interviews with Bumbershoot artists will be conducted by bcc (Bumbershoot Creative Core), a hands-on training program for high school students who are aspiring filmmakers. Students conduct interviews with Bumbershoot artists, film performances, and capture the essence of the Festival.

Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out, to discover a new artist, or to learn more about music production, the PV@VP welcomes you. Join us on any day, or all three at Bumbershoot 2014.