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Discover Black Weirdo

Coming to Bumbershoot 2014’s Words & Ideas stage is Black Weirdo. For those intrigued by anything atypical, those who indulge in conversations surrounding diversity, and those who appreciate multidisciplinary art, this may be the perfect surprise you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Black Weirdo is a collective that, oddly enough, started as a blog on tumblr. Pioneered by the duo named THEESatisfaction, they originally created the blog as a tribute to their favorite musicians, visual artists, photographers, and dancers. Now Black Weirdo’s mission statement identifies the collective as, “An entity which allows blackness to be celebrated and appreciated in all facets on earth and throughout the universe.” Black Weirdo is full of artists and advocates that break boundaries, stereotypes, and any other kind of box you try to fit them in.

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 At Bumbershoot 2014, the creators of Black Weirdo and an eclectic mix of talented artists will join us on our Words & Ideas stage. They will share their stories, similarities, and differences centered around what it’s like to be black, queer, and in Seattle.

Let us introduce the collective, beginning with Stas and Cat, the two musical partners who make up THEESatisfaction and are also the creators of Black Weirdo. Stas and Cat met performing at open mics while Stas attended the University of Washington and Cat attended private school for music. Since then, they have blossomed into THEESatisfaction, collaborated with the experimental hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces, and gained a large local and national following. The laid-back dynamic between the two creates an atmosphere of curiosity and openness.


Joining Stas and Cat will be the oh-so-sweet DJ Riz Rollins, “a DJ for eternity at KEXP,” as the Seattle Times puts it.  DJ Riz, aka Papa Riz, has no favorite genre of music, doesn’t take requests, and is a self-proclaimed talker. From working in record stores and radio stations to DJing at private parties and gay clubs, he has been a part of every aspect of the Seattle music scene.


In addition to DJ Riz will be Storme Webber, a writer, performer, and interdisciplinary artist. Storme has taught locally at the University of Washington and been recognized on THEESatisfaction’s website as “Black Weirdo of the Week”.

Also joining the lineup is Erik Blood, who was recently nominated by The Stranger for the “2014 Genius Music Award”. As The Stranger puts it, “Erik grew up in Tacoma in a family as racially mixed as the music he engineers and produces.” He has produced music for Shabazz Palaces, THEESatisfaction, and several other artists and bands. Erik attended the Art Institute of Seattle and is currently a producer, mixer, musician, and composer.

DJ Riz, Storme, Erik, and THEESatisfaction will be joined by handful of others in their discussion of exploration and revelation. The panel will provide insight into the Black Weirdo parties as well as the concept behind it. Larry Mizell will host, there will be a Q&A at the end, and DJ Mursi Layne will provide groovy jams along the way. Join us on Saturday, August 30th from 5:15-6:15pm to experience Black Weirdo.