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Discover Naomi Wachira

Every once in a blue moon, I run across an artist who makes me pause and take a step away from everything I’m doing. When I hear a sound this great, it’s like I have a remote control that pauses time and the noise around me ceases to exist. I forget about the cell phone buzzing in my pocket, the noise of traffic outside, the distraction of ads on my computer screen…and I’m able to hone my focus in on exactly one thing.

This “one thing” is the sound of Naomi Wachira’s voice. Her voice is warm, bold, poised, and full of passion. Not only does Naomi’s beautiful voice send shivers down your spine but her lyrical content is purposeful and set on sharing her experiences. Like someone who walks with a purpose, Naomi sings with direction.

In “I Am A Women”, Naomi unveils what makes her extraordinary. From the start, her voice is steady, low, and confident, yet her lyrics are filled with vulnerability. As the song progresses, it becomes clear her lyrics challenge aspects of living in a patriarchal society, and express the feeling of struggle she and other women share. After acknowledging this pain, she then injects the song with hope. This is the kind of person Naomi is; one who acknowledges what bothers her but does not sit down or wait for change, her music embodies action and initiative.

 Just one year ago, Naomi stood on the TEDx stage in Seattle voicing her desire to positively impact the world through her music. She references Chinua Achebe’s quote in her speech, “Write the kind of music that is not in the service of oppression, destruction, evil– but that seeks to make the life of the community easier, not more difficult,” to emphasize her point before gracing the audience with a performance. Equipped with a voice that is aesthetically pleasing, a soul that is constantly searching, and a beautiful mind that produces lyrics full of meaning, this toolbelt separates Naomi from the pack.

After moving from Africa to America, balancing work and music, and going through several transitions, it looks like Naomi is ready to takeoff. 2013 was an incredible year for Naomi– she gained U.S. citizenship, produced her own music video for “African Girl”, and was named “Best Folk Singer in Seattle” by Seattle Weekly.

Naomi overcome with happiness at her naturalization ceremony in Seattle (2013).

Recently, Naomi has harnessed all her energy and passion, and is channeling it towards her musical endeavors. This summer at an Out to Lunch Concert Series on July 11, the crowd cheered boisterously as Naomi told them she had quit her job eight months ago to fully pursue music with all her might. After performing several songs from her self-titled debut album, she expressed her excitement to perform at Bumbershoot 2014. Come experience Naomi Wachira’s soulful music and down-to-earth personality. This is one way you can guarantee a smile on your face and music that’ll take your breath away.