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Discover Award-Winning Short Films

The 1 Reel Film Festival is truly a gem within the treasure chest of Bumbershoot. Curated by Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), a plethora of compelling short films that have captivated audiences across the world will be shown all three days at this year’s Festival.

From programs like Tales of Science Fiction to Love…In the Afternoon, these snack-sized shorts fall under a wide range of genres that will evoke the interest of imaginative thinkers and romance seekers alike. The 1 Reel Film Festival has a diverse arsenal with something in store for everyone. Watch Fool’s Day if you’re in the mood to cry — not because you’re feeling sad, but from laughing so hard it hurts.

Cody Blue Snider directs this light-hearted yet dark comedy about a 4th grade class who pull an April Fool’s prank on their teacher that goes incredibly wrong. Fool’s Day is listed as #6 on Buzzfeed’s 13 Films You Haven’t Seen But Must See in 2013.

If you’ve been watching the World Cup, you’ll be interested in watching Baghdad Messi.

The main character in this film is a young, one-legged boy with a heart-pumping passion for soccer. Although he shares the same excitement for soccer as the other boys, they bully him for his unequal playing abilities. But being an amputee doesn’t stop him from playing or joining the other boys in their cult-like attention to the Champions League Final.

In addition to SIFF’s meticulous picks are the Best of SIFF 2014 Audience Award Winners. If you tend to follow your friend’s recommendation rather than a movie critic’s rating, these short films are perfect for you. Films that fall under this category represent the audience’s voice!

Mr. Invisible is an awfully intriguing film about a lonely old man who seems invisible to the world around him.

In downtown London as he takes care of monotonous errands, chaos strikes the city and it appears that being invisible could be his greatest weapon.

For adult viewers with a futuristic lens, EFFED! is comical dystopian film that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat for two reasons. One, you’ll be grabbing your side from chronic laugh-attacks. Two, you’ll have no idea what’s next.

EFFED! depicts two best friends navigating a post-apocalyptic world with a dynamic eerily similar to Brennan and Dale from the movie Step Brothers. The two banter back and forth as they face numerous trials and tribulations, all involving unusual encounters and disturbing characters.

With films picked specifically for adults and films chosen carefully for families, the diversity of this year’s short film lineup is a delight for all. Tales of the Planet is another program which contains films that explore topics concerning our planet and environment such as urban farming, how we get food from the sea and into a can, and — of course — ranchers herding buffalo.

Ripped from the Headlines is a program with films that tell the tales of extraordinary individuals changing their world. And if you came to Bumbershoot for the music, come to the 1 Reel Film Festival and watch some films from the Face the Music program. Watch musicians explain, discuss, and tell us their stories about the meaning, significance, and making of music.

Make sure to catch this year’s 1 Reel Film Festival. Admission to the SIFF Film Center is on a first-come, first-served basis during Bumbershoot, except for those patrons who have purchased a Platinum Pass. Enjoy a 1 Reel Film Festival sneak peek at our preview event on Friday, August 30 at 7pm (also at the SIFF Film Center), just one of our free, public events happening the day before the Festival.