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Bumbershoot 2013 - Saturday

Mainstage Survival Guide

Bumbershoot is just around the corner and we’re here to make sure you’ve got all your questions answered before Labor Day weekend. Most especially, we want to make sure you’re set to get the most out of Bumbershoot’s biggest and brightest stage.

Where is the Mainstage this year?

We’re so glad you asked! After three years at KeyArena, the Mainstage is shifting back to Memorial Stadium in a fresh configuration designed to better serve our fabulous patrons. The new layout, which features the Mainstage on the north side of the stadium rather than the western end zone (where it was located in years past) is planned to allow for better sight lines, so you can SEE all your favorite bands.

How do I get into the stadium?

The entrance into the Mainstage will be located on the east side of Memorial Stadium via the parking lot entrance off of Harrison Street and 5th Avenue. To get to Memorial Stadium from any part of the Festival, find Harrison Street and head east. Memorial Stadium is the furthest landmark to your left when walking east, and we’ll have plenty of signs in place to point the way.

Do I have to wait in a long line?

The move back to the stadium means a lot of things for us, but most importantly it means the elimination of a pre-formed line. This year, the venue will be open all day to allow patrons to “come whenever” and “leave whenever” you want. The stadium will open at noon each day and it will close after the last Mainstage performance of the evening.

Is there bag check?

Not at the stadium. Bag check will take place upon entry into the Festival at both Festival gates, and lockers will be available nearby for you to store any belongings.

Can you tell me more about the secondary stage?

In addition to the Mainstage, there will be a secondary stage, called the End Zone Stage, located in the southwest section of the stadium floor. The End Zone Stage provides entertainment from both local and national touring bands which are scheduled in between headlining acts on the Mainstage. Never a dull moment in Memorial Stadium!

If I leave my spot on the main floor can I re-enter?

Yes. If you leave your spot on the floor, or if you leave the floor completely, you can get back onto the floor. Please note though, that while there are several exits, if you leave Memorial Stadium you will have to re-enter through our entrance on the east side of the stadium.

How do I get to the floor from the entrance?

From the entrance, walk west and go down any flight of stairs to get to the floor. There are two main flights of stairs just to your right upon entering through the gates, but if you happen to miss those, any flight of stairs in the stadium will take you to the floor.

What if I don’t want to stand? Is there seating available?

Seating is available on the south side of the stadium facing the Mainstage, just in front of you when you enter via the main gate. There is also a special reserved seating section for Platinum & Gold ticket holders.

Do I have to exit after every Mainstage performance?

No! Stay as long as you’d like and catch all your can’t-miss acts! Patrons can come whenever and leave whenever… except you can’t sleep here!

Is food available/permitted? 

Yes, food is available and permitted inside the stadium via multiple food vendors, along with Festival merchandise.

Is alcohol permitted?

As the stadium is owned and operated by Seattle Public Schools, alcohol is not permitted inside. That’s why we have created a beer garden in the Next 50 Plaza, just outside of the stadium entrance, so you can fill up on refreshments beforehand. All Mainstage performances will also be simulcasted in the Next 50 beer garden, so you can catch each performance start to finish while finishing your drink.

What about water or soda?

Reusable bottles are permitted at the Mainstage; however single-use, plastic bottles will not be allowed to enter the Mainstage, so plan your hydration accordingly!

What’s the capacity of the MainStage?

Memorial Stadium allows for increased capacity over KeyArena –  it will accommodate approximately 15,000 people overall. The main floor also offers increased capacity for those who want to get close.

Is there anything else I should know before I head to the Mainstage?

Just that your ticket into the Fest and your whole-hearted enthusiasm are what’s most important for an enjoyable experience. Now that you’re equipped to take on Memorial Stadium visit our FAQ page to find answers to your other Festival questions, and be sure to download the updated Bumbershoot App, free to all patrons. Happy Bumber-planning and we’ll see you Labor Day weekend!