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Discover G-Eazy

G-Eazy may not be one of our headliners; however, it’s evident he’s leading the way for the next tier. After releasing his new album, These Things Happen, he is quickly climbing the ladder and creating a buzz that’ll last.

Before we discuss his growing repertoire, let’s take a moment to explore who G-Eazy is, for those who are unfamiliar. At first listen, it’s easy to mistake him for another cliché rapper. When you tune into his songs, you’ll hear about copious amounts of weed, partying, sex, and other stereotypical content. However, it’s necessary to look past the surface and dig deeper when it comes to this rising talent.

In “Runaround Sue” what first catches your eye is his style. G-Eazy has a unique dapper look that sets him apart from the pack. He slicks back his black hair and is often seen wearing his trademark black leather-bomber, a modern embodiment of the greaser style from the 1950s. In addition to this retro, yet classy image, G-Eazy incorporates ’50s and ’60s sounds into his music. In the music video above, G-Eazy samples the 1961 hit “Runaround Sue” by Dion DiMucci. The beat in G-Eazy’s version of this song makes you bob your head and snap your fingers as if you’re part of a blast-from-the-past a cappella group as you begin to feel the novelty he brings to the rap genre. With song titles that include words like “Waspy”, “Lady Killers”, and “Outsider”, G-Eazy’s intentional use of ’50s lingo tops off the original persona he strives for.


From opening for Drake in 2010 to dropping These Things Happen this month, G-Eazy has trekked an interesting path with many markers. Originally from Oakland, G-Eazy attended Loyola University of New Orleans where he passed up a chance to continue touring with Drake in order to finish his degree (thanks to a professor who threatened to fail him if he missed anymore class).

After graduating, G-Eazy made his first big splash with his mixtape The Outsider in 2011. Since then, he has dropped two mixtapes and worked with a wide variety of artists. Among the most notable is Devon Baldwin, featured in G-Eazy’s  “Let’s Get Lost” video.

As a 17 year old in 2009, Devon made it to the top 54 on American Idol. She and G-Eazy have worked on several songs together. Even more interesting is the ambiguity that surrounds their relationship. In music videos and photo shoots, Devon and G-Eazy frequently play roles that suggest there could be much more to their relationship than simply being friends.

Devon and her feature on G-Eazy’s “Let’s Get Lost”, as well as “Almost Famous” are two songs from his latest album, These Things Happen. In “Almost Famous”, G-Eazy walks from one photo shoot to the next.

In the first shot he appears out of the dark rocking an Oakland A’s baseball jersey, representing the Bay Area where he’s from. He slips back into the dark and emerges in the next room, shedding his jersey before throwing a black leather-bomber on as he leans against a motorcycle. He slides on a pair of aviator sunglasses to top it off. As he walks back into the darkness, you see his silhouette brush past the outline of what look like plants. Suddenly a camera light illuminates the space and he’s exhaling smoke in the middle of a photo shoot for “Stay High Timez” magazine with a headline that reads “California Culture”. Next he reappears slicking back his hair with a black comb, wearing a black varsity letterman’s jacket. These images coupled with G-Eazy’s chorus, “How long does famous last?” suggest he’s asking the question that all rising-talents must ask themselves. How long will the spotlight shine on me before moving to the next big thing?

This question has never been more relevant, seize the opportunity to experience G-Eazy’s performance while on the rise. He’ll be energized after releasing his latest album, and referring to himself as “almost famous” may not suffice for much longer.