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Magic Sync Bumbershoot 2013

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Electricity pumps through shapes that light up; some glow dimly while others flash brightly. As you peer around the room, getting your bearings is no easy task.
Double takes become triple takes as you slowly adjust to the room in front of you.

 What you see and experience is the collaboration of three brains. You are looking at a peculiar combination of light, design, sound, and imagination; Andy Arkley, Peter Lynch, and Courtney Barnebey make up the collective of Seattle artists named LET’S, who conceived Magic Sync V2, one of Bumbershoot 2013’s most engaging visual art pieces.

Magic Sync V2 – Bumbershoot 2013 from Andy Arkley on Vimeo.

What made this piece exceptionally engaging was the ability for 16 people to interact with the creation at once. Kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners alike found themselves oddly at home in this pulsing jungle of electricity. All were encouraged to push several different buttons that triggered unpredictable noises, lights, and actions.

Fold Up Rainbow is another project that demonstrates LET’S ability to think outside-the-box. It is a portable rainbow sculpture that LET’S photographed at various Seattle locations:

LET’S will be debuting another engaging piece called Finger Power at Bumbershoot this year. Finger Power showcases interactive art where viewers can manipulate music, light, and video with their own fingers. For a sneak peak into the process of LET’S building Finger Power, visit their Facebook page. With a knack for creating both intriguing and interactive visual art, seek out LET’S at Bumbershoot for an experience that groups of all ages will enjoy.