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Discover Hook N Sling

To complement the sunny days and warm nights of your summer, Hook N Sling, an electronic artist who hails from Sydney, Australia, will be bringing the beach vibes to Bumbershoot.

Hook N Sling is a DJ/Producer who recently stepped up his game when moving to Los Angeles, a hub for electronic artists. In the past 20 years, DJs such as Skrillex, Kaskade, Avicii, and Calvin Harris have lived in and taken residency there. Even Donald Glaude, after gaining popularity in Seattle in the 1990s, flocked to LA to boost his career and reach a wider audience. Hook N Sling moved to LA in 2012 for similar reason, joining a vast network of rising EDM talent.

If you’re wondering where Hook N Sling falls underneath the wide reaching umbrella of EDM, his sound is far away from the wub-wub we like to call dubstep, and closer to the dance-vibe melodies of electronic house music.

Many of Hook N Sling’s songs are progressive house gems; like a mountain range, his songs climb to what you believe is the peak of the entire track and then drop suddenly. Next the momentum is building again, the tempo is increasing, the beat becomes more intricate, and the entire song is reaching for a new peak. Listen to the remix of “Celebrate”, a collaboration between Sydney duo Empire of the Sun and Hook N Sling, to experience the climb yourself.

Hook N Sling’s current progression as an artist is very similar to the energetic songs he is producing. This is because he has not only found traction, but gained momentum in the EDM world. You may have heard of “Take You Higher”—another Aussie collaboration—this time between Hook N Sling and DJ Goodwill. The song was released in 2011 and has reached upwards of eight million views since.

In 2012, Hook N Sling paired with the incredibly talented NERVO, a duo who also produce progressive house and hail from Australia. With their collaboration came the NERVO & Hook N Sling version of “Reason”, an original song by NERVO that remains among their most popular today.

Hook N Sling has received accolades from the internationally famous EDM artist Kaskade and has opened for Zedd, another internationally known DJ who is from Russia. Join Hook N Sling on Saturday, August 30th at Bumbershoot to experience his set, and more importantly to see what the journey is all about.