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Discover Mexican Institute of Sound

If you’re looking for a new sound or curious about the artist behind the song we featured in our Bumbershoot 2014 Music Lineup video, add the Mexican Institute of Sound, or Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido (in Spanish) to your schedule.

MIS (Mexican Institute of Sound) is what I like to call a “genre-bender.” DJ and producer Camilo Lara is the mastermind and music blender behind MIS, a stage name he chooses to perform under. You can’t confine his music to one genre, category, or any other form of a music container we tend to organize our music with.

MIS creatively partners rhythmic salsa-like beats with a new-age electronic sound. Recently, Lara has taken his sound in a new direction- south of the border. Check out “Mexico,” a song loaded with intentionality by MIS.

The lyrics of “Mexico” bluntly highlight the political corruption and expose the unrest Mexican citizens are experiencing today. MIS raps “It is green for pot, white for coke, and red for your blood,” playing upon Mexico’s iconic flag colors and referencing the drug war that has brought increasing violence to Mexico.


MIS has a reputation for transformation. He is known for taking a traditional song and injecting it with electronic melodies that dance from side to side to a funky beat. To hear more of MIS’ fresh and unconventional sound, listen to the album, Politico. Even better, experience MIS on Monday, September 1st; you can’t predict what you’ll hear.