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Revealing Words & Ideas, Visual Arts, & Theatre!

Tonight at Town Hall, Bumbershoot unveiled the Words & Ideas, Visual Arts and Theatre Lineup for Bumbershoot 2014, revealing one of the most creative, trendy, and witty arts lineups that the Festival itselfie itself has ever seen before!

But first, let’s take a look at the nation’s latest updates: Teens are moving from Facebook to the comments section of a slow motion deer video. A doctor recalled his average-looking sibling who inspired him to go into cosmetic surgery. The last living California raison recently died. You can expect more from the writers of The Onion at Bumbershoot, as they host a discussion on how the world’s most popular satirical news is created and how the publication has evolved over the years.

Such satirical writing is not to get confused with smart talk, which we not only encourage, but will be featuring in Smrt Talk with The Writers of The Simpsons. The celebrated cartoon series is about to premiere its 26th season. Stewart Burns, Kevin Curran, Rob Lazebnik, Carolyn Omine, Michael Price, Bill Odenkirk, and Jeff Westbrook will discuss the writing process and their favorite moments behind the years. With 25 seasons under their belts, they’re excited to answer all of your Simpsons related questions…except for maybe which state is Springfield in?

We know, we know. We want all the answers, too. Even if it is just the answer to where this fictional family resides. That’s why we’re excited to host Ken Jennings, the 74-time Jeopardy! champion and therefore, a likely candidate to knowing most facts of life. George Meyer, who wrote for David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, and the Simpsons, will join Jennings to co-host Needle Party!!! at Bumbershoot. Here, they explore the lighter side of comedy in a safe, well-lit theater with abundant fire exits. No topic will be taboo — except religion, politics, and the craziness of modern life. Folks will emerge from the show refreshed and energized, with little memory of their experience.

And when you emerge from Needle Party, don’t wander too far! You wouldn’t want to miss experts dissecting the latest trends of today’s society. John Roderick will host Bumbershoot’s Why This, Why That, Why Now? series through out the three days of the Fest. Beards have been a fashionable accessory for some time now. But nowadays, a young man without a beard must explain himself everywhere he goes, as though not having a beard could only be the product of a strange medical condition or religious practice.

Meanwhile, a New Orleans dance craze that seems both really difficult and surprisingly unsexy has become a signifier of mainstream hipness, defying parents and cultural theoreticians at the same time. Why Beards? Why Twerking? Why Now? Experts will dive into these trends, in addition to Why Bronies? Why Juggaloes? Why Now? and Why Cats? Why Bullying? Why Now?

The complete list of Words & Ideas, Visual Arts and Theatre programming can be viewed on our lineup page here.  The music lineup will be announced on May 8th at The Pink and Purple Pickwick Party at Neumos. Tickets for the music lineup announcement party are still available and can be purchased here.