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Bumbershoot 2012 - Monday

Big News for the Mainstage

The cat’s out of the bag – Bumbershoot’s Mainstage is returning to Memorial Stadium!

They say that when one door closes, another one opens, and in this case so did the ceiling. After three years in the KeyArena, a winning combination of necessity, patron feedback, and community support is allowing us to move our biggest stage back outdoors this year.

We’ve listened and thought long and hard about how to make the whole Bumbershoot experience better. By relocating the Mainstage to the north side of the stadium (instead of the western end zone) and opening additional exits, we’ve created a way to drastically minimize lines. The new configuration also increases attendance capacity for our most popular performances and removes the limit for the number of people who can watch the show from the floor.  The venue will remain open continuously throughout each day of the Festival so you can “come whenever” and “leave whenever” and spend more time seeing your favorite acts.

And speaking of your favorite acts, we’re adding more of them — Bumbershoot 2014 will host three Mainstage headliners each day!  In between, you can check out up-and-coming talent on the stadium’s smaller, secondary stage (located in the southwest corner), or stroll back out to the rest of the Festival without worrying about re-entry.

“Given the feedback we’ve received over the past few years, we believe this will be a welcome change – one that was necessary for the Festival this year and one that will vastly improve people’s Mainstage experience and their enjoyment of Bumbershoot as a whole,” says One Reel Executive Director Jon Stone. “We’ve faced changes every year for almost 44 years now; it’s part of the process and we are a nimble and adaptable organization as a result!”

Platinum & Gold Passes will have special entry and seating at Memorial Stadium and can be purchased along with three-Day Passes here. Single day tickets will be available after the Music Lineup Announcement on May 8.