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One Reel Sweeps Up at WFEA Conference

The Washington festival community has recognized some of the nuts and bolts that made Bumbershoot 2013 one for the books. One Reel received 11 awards at the Washington Festivals & Events Association (WFEA) Conference this past weekend March 16th to 18th in Olympia.

WFEA was created in an effort to recognize the vital role of festivals and events in developing the state’s tourism industry, heritage, and arts and culture and economic prosperity at large. Since its inception, WFEA has developed programs including conferences, regional seminars, networking events and annual publications such as its magazine & events calendar.

The Conference awarded One Reel the following 2014 Pacific Northwest Summit Awards:

1) Best Outdoor Advertising


Did you see us out and about past summer? Odds are you saw at least one bus ad, mall billboard, or 24X36 poster on a construction walkway. From bus ads, to setting up camp and having our lovely street team attend various summer events, Bumbershoot took to the streets to advocate for the Fest.

2) Best Event Program

Bumbershoot2013_Map 8.16

When you’re attending an event with hundreds of artists, musicians, comedians, vendors, spectacles and 120,000 plus patrons, an event program goes a long way. Free to all patrons, the programs included act bios, performance schedules and times, maps, pictures and more.  We also designed the Bumbershoot App for patrons with smart phones.

3) Best Promotional Brochure


Our Brochures were handed out by One Reel’s awesome street team members at events throughout the summer. Our marketing team also delivered guides to various arts organizations and partners in the Northwest.

4) Best Website



We have ONE person developing and launching the Bumbershoot website. Imagine the music lineup announcement. 100 plus bands announced within seconds. Think back to the wonderful commotion and excitement surrounding the news. The first thing we all want to do of COURSE is jump on the website to purchase our passes AND read up on all of the artists. Our AMAZING Senior Web Designer launches all of this information single-handedly. From Bumbershoot FAQs to Press Applications, he’s got all the keys to the codes.

5) Best Media – TV/Radio

Did you hear about us on the radio? Did you see us on TV? Three different commercial spots were produced to air in between your weekly sitcoms this past summer, so you might have seen us during the intermissions. Just another great reason not to get up during the break! The bathroom…that chip refill…it can wait…Bumbershoot is in your living room!!

In addition to our traditional commercial spots, One Reel filmed interstitials thoughout the summer – small clips of local artists performing in iconic locations all across Seattle.  These interstitials aired in between sets at Bumbershoot, and they can be viewed on our YouTube channel here.

6) Best Partnership

Bumbershoot 2012 - Saturday

Our continued partnership with Starbucks has led to the creation of the Starbucks Lounge (which hundreds of patrons look forward to each year) and awesome music with bountiful amounts of refreshments at the Starbucks Stage for many years to come.

7) Best Promotional Poster

Poster V2 - wild postingFrom Street Team members handing out posters at events around town, to city sidewalk walls grafitied with the Northleft symbols by anonymous loving patrons no doubt, our posters could be seen all around town.

8) Most Desired T-Shirt


Quite the competition, we might add! Our 2013 Bumbershoot swag was made from organic bamboo lyocell in order to provide a sustainable and affordable alternative to cotton and polyester shirts.  Bamboo fiber is produced using the closed-loop lyocell process, during which no harmful chemicals are used & no harmful gases are released. Not only is our festival gear extremely comfortable and durable, it’s also good for the planet.


9) The Grand Summit Award



The Grand Summit Award was created to help demonstrate which Washington event best represented the ideals, customs and values of the WFEA. We are honored to accept the award and are determined to make Bumbershoot 2014 just as spectatcular as the last.

One Reel also took home silver awards for Bumbershoot’s Commemorative Poster and Social Media Marketing Campaign.