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Bumbershoot Saves Lives!

This past month the cancer awareness organization Love Hope Strength located its third life-saving match from patrons who registered to donate marrow at Bumbershoot last summer. A non-profit that turns concerts into lifesaving events, Love Hope Strength builds cancer centers and provides people with access to early detection and quality cancer care on a global scale.

Founded in 2006 by Mike Peters of the U.K. bands The Alarm and Big Country, and James Chippendale, executive VP of entertainment insurance company Doodson, the organization has conducted thousands of bone marrow drives.

Peters has been fighting cancer for the past 18 years after having been diagnosed with lymphoma in the mid-90s and leukemia ten years later. He’s been part of the Bumbershoot family for nearly as long:

“I first played at Bumbershoot , Seattle on September 6th 1998. I was just coming through my first encounter with cancer having been diagnosed with Lymphoma in 1995 and was grateful for the opportunity to play live again at a festival that supports emerging, re-emerging and established artists alike. I was in the process of re-establishing myself outside of The Alarm as a solo acoustic performer and was singing songs that had been inspired by my recovery. I felt inspired as an artist to be performing on the same stage as people like Martin Sexton, Third Eye Blind and Modest Mouse (to name but three), and in the festival’s organisation I met some fantastically supportive people who understand what music is all about.”

Peters’ battle with cancer sure hasn’t inhibited his success in creating an international foundation that might one day find the cure.  In fact, Love Hope Strength has recently registered over 55,000 people to the international marrow registry and located over 750 potentially life saving matches for individuals suffering from blood cancer who need a second chance to live.

Known for holding rock concerts at high elevation points including Everesst base Camp and Mount Kilimanjaro,  Love Hope Strength made stops at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, in addition to Bumbershoot this past year.

“It’s amazing for me to know that the charity that I formed as a result of my second battle with cancer in 2007 is now present at Bumbershoot in the act of saving lives through a cheek swab bone marrow drive which will hopefully locate matches for people like myself (who suffer from Leukaemia), and are in need of a second chance at life through the identification of a matched donor.” - Mike Peters 2013

Bumbershoot proudly supports all non-profits interested in advocating their cause at the Festival. Recently opened for 2014 is our non-profit vendor application, where organizations can apply to have a booth at the Festival for a discounted price. Non-profit partners include all service and activist organizations including political groups, 501 (c)3 organizations, schools and educational institutions hoping to increase awareness of their cause. Bumbershoot presents a great opportunity for non-profits to advocate to an audience of 125,000+ through out Labor Day Weekend. Vendor applications are currently open, and the priority deadline for all vendor applications is April 21. After that date, we continue to accept applications until all spaces are filled.  All interested organizations can apply here

The patrons who donated to Love Hope Strength at Bumbershoot 2013 serve as an amazing example of the power of charity, and what just might come out of our hometown Festival.

“I know the partnership between Love Hope Strength and Bumbershoot will save lives. In 1998, Bumbershoot gave me the opportunity as an artist to play again and now I hope that together with the audience and supporters of Bumbershoot we will give someone else the chance to live again too.”  - Mike Peters 2013