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Bumbershoot 2011 - Sat

Mainstage Survival Guide

Bumbershoot is almost here, and by now you’ve (hopefully) bought your tickets and are anxiously awaiting the Fest. We know you’ve also got questions about the Mainstage–again located at KeyArena–and that’s why we’ve created this exclusive Mainstage Survival Guide: your go-to resource for catching Bumbershoot’s biggest acts this weekend.

Q: What do I need to get into the Mainstage?

A: Nothing! Just your smiling face (and a Bumbershoot ticket of course). No additional wristband, hand stamp, or secret handshake required.

Q: What time does the line for the Mainstage begin to form?

A: 60 minutes before doors open. In order to find out when doors open for the Mainstage, simply refer to the gray time slots located on the schedule (here are printable versions for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). Doors typically open about an hour and fifteen minutes prior to the opening act for each Mainstage show. So, for those diehard fans who absolutely have to see Death Cab for Cutie play Transatlanticism, be aware that the line will start forming at 5:45pm.

Q: What are the aisle numbers that go to the main floor?

A: The quickest way to get up close and personal with your fellow Heart fans by the pit: 111 and 113 are the aisles that’ll get you there.

Q: What’s the capacity of the floor?

A:  We all remember the glory days of the Sonics at the Key, so please keep in mind that the KeyArena is a basketball arena first and foremost, and the capacity of the floor is set by national building code relative to the number of entrances and exits to that space. Please understand that for safety reasons, floor capacity is determined by national standards on the ability for you to safely enter and exit the space, not by how much empty space there is at any one moment in time.

Q: If I leave my spot on the main floor, can I re-enter?

A: No–so make sure to grab your beer before you enter, although soda and water will be sold on the main floor! There will also be portable restrooms on the floor for those of you that just can’t wait.

Q: What if I don’t want to stand? Is there seating available?

A: If your feet are tired after a long day of Bumbershootin’ seating is available in KeyArena on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: Can I bring everything I ever owned into the Mainstage?

A: Nope! The following items are prohibited: strollers, skateboards, cameras with detachable lenses, and bottles filled with beverages of any kind. If you have a water bottle you’re trying to bring in, you will be asked to empty it. Strollers can be left near the East Box Office and skateboards can be checked at the locker tent on grounds.

Q: I want to see Tegan and Sara AND then fun. right after! Do I have to exit the Key after Tegan and Sara’s performance and stand in line again??

A: Nope! The Mainstage will not be cleared out within the daytime or evening sets: this means you will not have to exit and re-enter during the 30 minutes in between the end of Tegan and Sara’s set and when fun. begins their performance; likewise with any show opener and headliner on the Mainstage.

Now that you’re equipped to successfully navigate the Bumbershoot Mainstage, see our FAQ section to find answers to your other Festival questions. Good luck and godspeed.