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Bumbershoot 2011 - Sat

Artist Spotlight: Film

Back for its nineteenth year, Bumbershoot’s 1 Reel Film Festival–the annual collection of short films curated by Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)–brings over 100 of the world’s best short films to the Festival. While the program includes both SIFF audience and jury favorites, film blocks are also organized around topics ranging from music to animals to dance. The program showcases Bumbershoot’s nature as a truly well-rounded arts Festival, prominently featuring not only music, but comedy, Words & Ideas, visual arts, theatre, and film.

Can’t wait until the Festival to get your taste of internationally-acclaimed short films? Below you’ll find a few hand-picked favorites to tide you over:

Part of Music Video Madness on Saturday, August 31, here’s the official music video for Bumbershoot 2013 artist Kithkin’s “Fallen Giants:”

You can catch Kithkin’s performance on the TuneIn Stage on Sunday, September 1.

Love…in the Afternoon on Sunday, September 1 tackles the complicated, multi-faceted topic of love in a variety of ways. In Richard Garcia’s heartwarming “Taboule,” a couple discusses the many ways to count how much you love someone.

In Zoology on Monday, September 2, our relationship with animals is explored through five short films. One of which, The Hunter, was created using the intricate medium of sand animation. Below, director Marieka Walsh provides behind-the-scenes insight into how her film was created and the concept behind the storyline:

Make Me Laugh brings comedy to the big screen on Monday, September 2. Dog Eat Dog, starring Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, explores the relationship between Oliver and the love of his life: a dog that he is desperately determined to own, but doesn’t quite yet. In a hilarious series of events, he must compete with an unexpected rival for her affections.

Be sure to check out the 1 Reel Film Festival, curated by SIFF, throughout Bumbershoot 2013. Admission to the SIFF Film Center is first-come, first-served basis during the Festival, except for those patrons who have purchased a Platinum Pass. Enjoy a sneak peek of the Film Festival at our preview event on Friday, August 30 at 7pm at the SIFF Film Center, one of our many free, public events happening the day before the Festival.