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Lights, Camera, Action!

For over a century—since Georges Méliès’ 1902 A Trip to the Moon—the power of of visual storytelling via narrative film can transport and transform us in a matter of minutes.

To this day, short films remain vital organs to the art that is filmmaking. That’s why Bumbershoot, in partnership with Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) believes its co-curated 1 Reel Film Festival proves an essential part to this multi-disciplinary umbrella of a Fest.

We are proud to announce our LAST (but certainly not least) bit of programming for our 2013 Festival: The 1 Reel Film Festival, a festival-within -a-festival, represents one of the nation’s best attended short film festivals, attracting thousands of filmgoers, filmmakers, and industry professionals alike. In it’s 18th year, our snack-sized shorts fest is sure to satisfy a range of palates.

Our Saturday afternoon programming kicks off with our Films4Familes program, catering to kids and adults alike. Come enjoy Ryan Kravetz’ The Collector’s Gift, a modern day fairytale about a young girl who discovers the key to creating a new world. Or watch Camille Müller’s Swedish short, The Window, about two dragon loving kids finding their own fairy tale romance.

The concert venues aren’t the only place you can hear some tunes this Labor Day Weekend. 1 Reel’s Music Video Madness series offers some cinematic adventures to go alongside beloved melodies.

Atlantic Records artist Dog Is Dead and their music video for “Teenage Daughter” contrasts colors and shapes as a young Asian woman glides through her life listening to headphones.

Bumbershoot performers Kithkin and their music video for “Fallen Giants,” takes the band on a whirlwind adventure through a forest. Tall trees, ominous underbrush and flashing lights lead the members to their encounter with a dragon.

Another locally crafted curation, “Listen Up (If the World is Going to Hell)” was shot at the Fred Wildlife Refuge in Seattle, WA. Bumbershoot performers Red Jacket Mine’s music video presents a surreal vision of a world that has literally gone to hell.

We’ve also got the best of the best, according to SIFF’s 2013 finalists. Bumbershoot is proud to program the Best of SIFF’s 2013 Jury Award Winners as well as the 2013 SIFF Audience Award Winners. Some highlights from Seattle’s largest Film Festival include jury award winner Woody, an Australian short directed by Stuart Bowen, in which the protagonist Woody dreams of becoming a concert pianist despite his obvious limitations… you’ll have to watch the 10 minute tale to find out what it could be! This highly acclaimed list also includes SIFF Audience picks like Bryan Horch’s Spooners, a take on how a gay couple’s shopping for a new mattress turns their sleeping together into a hilarious matter of opinion.

Curious how fast creativity forms? The SIFF Fly Films challenge gives local directors five days to shoot and five days to edit an original short. Despite these temporal limitations, directors Ben Andrews, Amy Enser, Lulu Gargiulo, and Curtis Taylor rose to the occasion, creating notable SIFF shorts shot in neighborhoods across Seattle. Among these films, one to watch for is Ben Andrews’ The Three Stars. Amid an atmosphere of mounting cultural and economic tensions, an innocent stopover brings an elderly shop owner, a business man, and his wife together in an unexpected and powerful tale of prosperity, longevity, and good fortune.

In addition to the Fly Films, the Fest’s Best of the Northwest program block further highlights talent growing in our own backyard.

The list goes on as Bumbershoot will screen over 100 short films this Labor Day Weekend. Other genres set to take over SIFF’s film center include both science fiction AND science facts, kid-friendly cartoons AND Films4Adults, romance tales, to bizarre unsettling adventures. From diehard laughing comedies, animal lover hits, and international shorts on culture and custom, Bumbershoot patrons are sure to benefit from this eye-opening mix.

While Bumbershoot prides itself in its locally sourced lineup, and SIFF remains known for it’s ginormous international collection, the two organizations in partnership with one another offer patrons art from the Great Northleft and beyond!

A complete list of short films, can be seen on our jam-packed lineup page. We have now left you with a massive variety of programming. Visual art, theatre, Words & Ideas, spectacles, music, comedy and film! Alright everyone, scene and cut!