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Artist Spotlight: Owl & Pussycat

Bumbershoot is ALWAYS free for kids 10 and under and this year we’re proud to continue Youngershoot, a collection of engaging activities for kids! Curated by the Seattle Children’s Museum, the Youngershoot Kids Zone is open daily from 11:00am–6:00pm during the Festival and children aged 10 and younger along with their caregivers can enter for free as part of their Bumbershoot experience. Lots of family-friendly programming also happens outside the Kids Zone, like performances of Owl & Pussycat, presented by theater simple.

An award-winning, internationally acclaimed company, theater simple has goals that match its name: to strip the theatrical experience down to its elemental parts–the imagination of the actor and audience, the playwright’s words, and the director’s vision. Founded in Seattle in 1990, theater simple has been performing and touring internationally since 1991. Since then, the company has built six theaters in Seattle and Australia and produced over 30 plays in four countries on three continents. One of the company’s unofficial rules is to “allow the audience the dignity of their own response,” which you’ll get to experience first-hand at Bumbershoot during the Owl & Pussycat performance. CityArts calls the theater simple world “an engaging one where battles are fought in rounds of rock-paper-scissors, audiences aid in the production of thunderstorms, and wedding vows are crowd sourced Mad-lib style.”

Owl & Pussycat, a modern and fun take on the Edward Lear poem by the same name, debuted at Seattle’s 2012 Fringe Festival.  The production includes four actors, Shakespearean couplets, songs, and a pea-green boat engaging in a series of entertaining antics. Owl & Pussycat’s escapades illuminate a love of adventure and some adventures of love. The show is physical, funny, and punny, and includes audience participation for all ages. It definitely stays true to theater simple’s commitment to designing productions “on a shoestring,” but still maintains its creativity while containing humor enjoyable by both kids and adults. CityArts calls Owl & Pussycat “relentlessly cute and clever.” Don’t miss the performances on Saturday, August 31 or on Monday, September 2 of Owl & Pussycat at Bumbershoot!

Get a taste of how family-friendly Bumbershoot is for our preview of theater simple’s Owl & Pussycat at The Children’s Museum, June 29th at 11AM.