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7 millionth patron

7 Million and Counting

This Labor Day weekend, Bumbershoot will see our 7 millionth patron walk through the Festival gates. That’s a lot of BumberFans–no, that’s a lot of people, period. When you do the math, it’s not just 7 million people in 43 years, it’s actually 7 million people over about 150 days (back in the early years, the Festival ran 4 days or longer; then we just decided to pack all that awesomeness into 3 days, which is the current iteration of the Festival).

Seven million people holding hands in a line would stretch about 11,200 kilometers or 7,000 miles, enough to go from the Space Needle at the heart of Bumbershoot all the way to Beijing. It’s almost enough to go through the center of the earth and come out the other side. Seven million is a LOT of people.

And this year, one lucky patron will be the 7 millionth attendee at Bumbershoot. We will be there ready with bells on (quite literally), and we will shower that beloved Bumbershooter with gifts galore. IT COULD BE YOU!!!