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Artist Spotlight: BRONCHO

If you’ve watched the lineup announcement video for Bumbershoot 2013 at least once, odds are you’ve gotten the song from the video stuck in your head. The catchy and infectious tune belongs to Oklahoma punk group BRONCHO, joining us on Sunday, September 1st at Bumbershoot 2013. The track, “Try Me Out Sometime,” can be found on their debut album Can’t Get Past the Lips.

BRONCHO, fronted by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Ryan Lindsey, harkens back to punk rock’s glory days of the ‘70s. Video clips of the band’s live performances prove their aggression and punk authenticity as instruments are thrown and members of the pit thrash around, yet somehow still sing along to every track. BRONCHO’s sound is fast and tight, boasting their “get down to business” attitude. Their debut album, Can’t Get Past the Lips, clocks in at just over 20 minutes calling obvious comparisons to the Stooges, the Ramones, and the Buzzcocks, as it is riddled with short tracks on traditional punk topics, such as starting fights, being anti-social, and girls that are as explosive as a lit firecracker. It is the band’s DIY enthusiasm that makes their sound fresh and unique.

The concept of the video for “Try Me Out Sometime” (featured below) brings new meaning to taking punk to the streets as the rag-tag group scrambles around the city, instruments in tow, setting up shop and playing wherever they can. Locations for their impromptu jam session include the liquor aisle of a convenience store, the middle of an intersection, as well as a college classroom, mid-lecture (in which a gray-haired professor attempts to kick them out).

Lindsey is joined by Johnathon Ford (bass), Ben King (guitar), and Nathan Price (drums). The group started as an ad-hoc recording project  for Lindsey, who captured early versions of “Pick a Fight” and another track, “Losers,” with the help of King and Price. The three then sent their demo to Ford, who loved it so much that he suggested they perform together as a group. The newly-formed quartet quickly booked their first show in Tulsa, and have been touring in support of their debut since its release in February 2010.

BRONCHO has been featured on NPR as part of World Cafe, and Can’t Get Past the Lips was included on NPR’s list of Favorite Garage Rock Albums of 2011. The band has also received critical acclaim from Filter, Spinner, and various Oklahoma news outlets.

Check out the band’s video for “Try Me Out Sometime” and be sure to catch them on Sunday of Bumbershoot 2013: