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Bumbershoot 2011 - Sat

Artist Spotlight: Local Hip Hop

Bumbershoot is Seattle, and Seattle is hip hop. No other regional festival has supported local hip hop like Bumbershoot, and … read more

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7 millionth patron

7 Million and Counting

This Labor Day weekend, Bumbershoot will see our 7 millionth patron walk through the Festival gates. That’s a lot of … read more

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Media Quotes Wordle

This Just In

How’d you hear about the 2013 music lineup? Was it first-hand at Prom Night, or at one of our many announcement … read more

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Artist Spotlight: Writing Staff of NBC’s Parks & Recreation

Each year, Bumbershoot extends far beyond the music lineup to bring festival-goers an array of entertainment options. Words & Ideas … read more

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Artist Spotlight: BRONCHO

If you’ve watched the lineup announcement video for Bumbershoot 2013 at least once, odds are you’ve gotten the song from … read more

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Don’t Just Give – GiveBIG!

Every year, the Seattle Foundation helps raise awareness and funds for the organizations that make Seattle a vibrant and vital … read more

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2013 Lineup Insights

BEWARE! Bumbershoot may indeed serve as the epicenter for their eventual world take over. Zombies ARE everywhere at the Fest … read more

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