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Zombies, Nerds, Swords & The Writers of Parks and Recreation lead the 2013 lineup

Bumbershoot 2013 proudly rolls out it’s new tagline – “Art in the Great Northleft” – alongside its Visual Arts, Theatre, Words & Ideas, and Spectacle lineup announcement!

Let us not forget that Bumbershoot is unlike other festivals in that we curate some of the most eclectic, inspirational, and conceptual art from local and international artists alike, all to provide the community a chance to explore the world of art through the many facets it has to offer. Below are four of our favorite picks, and see all our just-announced offerings here.

Zombies will dance at Bumbershoot. The Seattle Zombie Walk has startled community members by its madness since 2005 when Zombie walks began around the Fremont Outdoor Cinemas and expanded into a multitude of Seattle neighborhoods. What began as a political statement by founder Cleo Wolfus during a pub-crawl, has expanded into zombie gatherings by the thousands in neighborhoods, at weddings, in movie theaters, and  through out other local events including Seattle Thrillers and Ryan Reiter’s ZomBcon. Beware, as Zombies descend upon this year’s Festival audience, no one is safe! (P.S. The Ryan Reiter of ZomBcon is the same Ryan Reiter behind the upcoming Food Truck Rodeo. Bam.)

If the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t get you first, then you really can’t miss the Writers of NBC’s Parks and Recreation as they discuss their thought-process behind creating the hilarious hit series. Bumbershoot’s Arts Programming mastermind Chris Weber says, “We have been antsy to bring in writers from a contemporary sit-com; Parks & Recreation continues to get better each season, and we are curious how they do it.”

We’ve got Parks & Rec. But what about any other social issues to serve as points of discussion? How about weed? Pot? Grass? Hemp? Hash? Whatever you call it, there exists a book that finally addresses it. Writer and editor Jonathan Santlofer’s The Marijuana Chronicles provides a collection of thoughts on this newly legalized (that is, legalized here in Washington) drug. Weber states, “ The stories and conversations presented at this program are sure to resonate with locals coming to grips with legalization and what this new reality really means to our day-to-day lives.” This panel discussion could not have come at a more relevant time as Washington State demands social change.

If the marijuana discussions aren’t your thing (or even if they are), don’t miss the chance to geek out with us a little as Bumbershoot welcomes geeky culture and comedic improvisation back for a second season with NERDProv. The improv group began as part of the Emerald City Comicon in 2009, and has since performed at several cons and independent shows. Audiences shout out their favorite geeky references (shows, movies, comics, music, games, you name it) and watch in wonder as the ensemble’s sharp minds and superpowers bring them to life.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and Bumbershoot’s full lineup of visual arts, theater, words & ideas and spectacle performances can be found here. Up next is our music lineup announcement on May 2nd at Prom Night with Allen Stone, and Comedy, Film, and Youngershoot announcements will take place this summer. Stay tuned for more updates on Art in the Great Northleft!