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Campaign Art Preview

2013 Campaign Artwork

We first met design studio DKNG—aka Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman—at Bumbershoot 2012 where their completely wonderful and charming gig posters caught our attention at Flatstock. Over the last year we’ve been developing new branding for Bumbershoot, which includes an evergreen logo (if you’ve visited our website since last November, you’ve seen it), and a new tagline (which no one has seen until now!), so we needed a designer that could take on the challenge of debuting these new elements. Bumbershoot is so much more than just another music festival with all of our visual art, comedy, film, Words & Ideas, spectacles, theatre, and Youngershoot programming, and DKNG has done a fabulous job of bringing “Art in the Great Northleft” to life.