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Get The Bumbershoot Hook-Up

A KeyArena suite at the mainstage show of your choice, a behind-the-scenes private tour at Bumbershoot, and even an opening band performance slot could be yours…because when you hook up Emerald City Search via Kickstarter, Bumbershoot hooks you up in return.

A clue-based treasure hunt with a devout following, Emerald City Search leads players around Seattle in pursuit of a one-of-a-kind medallion that is hidden in plain sight at a public location. One new brain-busting clue is revealed each day, and together, the clues paint a progressively clearer picture of the medallion’s hiding spot. The victor is the first to find the medallion and thus win the accompanying treasure.

Founded in 2006, each year the event highlights a Seattle cultural institution which informs the theme of the Search. Past partners have included the Seattle Art Museum, Woodland Park Zoo, Bumbershoot, and Seattle Center Foundation in support of the Next 50 Celebration. Now One Reel (that’s us, the organization that produces Bumbershoot among other events), is the producer and steward of Emerald City Search, and we’ve launched the Kickstarter campaign to bring back the Search this year.

Kickstarter is a risk-free funding model, meaning that your card is not charged unless the campaign meets its goal. Whether you’re a fan of the Search or just want some sweet Bumbershoot perks, check out the campaign, pledge your support, and enjoy the rewards.