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Word cloud from BumberFan survey responses.

Word on the Street

What do YOU like best about Bumbershoot? We asked just that in our post-festival survey, and thousands of BumberFans answered. While we pour over patron responses in detail (we read every. single. one.) and use this feedback to inform our 2013 planning, we just can’t stop making word clouds from the survey comments…

BumberFans aren’t the only people with plenty to say; we’ve also been reflecting on all the amazing media coverage Bumbershoot received this year. This year we had 350 credentialed press attend, which represent a combination of magazines, radio stations, TV stations, print publications, blogs and other online only outlets. Here are some of our favorite quotes from this year that are just too good NOT to share:

“I can’t think of another place on earth where there is literally ‘something for everyone.’” - Nada Mucho

“Bumbershoot is a leading cause of the cultural bends. In the span of a day, ticketholders can enjoy classic crooners, stoner comedians, dubstep wizards, sun-soaked indie folk, modern dance, visual art, and Elvis tributes.” - Seattle Metropolitan

“One of the most noticeable things about Bumbershoot – compared with other festivals – is the sheer eclectic abundance of talent. This isn’t a rock festival, or a rap festival, or a dance festival. Hell, it isn’t even just a music festival. It’s an everything festival, a celebration of diversity and difference.” - Culture Mob

“Year in and year out I’m amazed at the diversity and the caliber of talent One Reel lands for Seattle’s annual music and arts festival… I don’t think there’s a music festival in the nation that offers up such a broad palate of musical talent.” - Guerrilla Candy

“What other festival could bring together…loads of local talent across music, comedy, visual, and performing art? Only Bumbershoot.” - Seattle Met Online

“Bumbershoot and its sometimes frustratingly eclectic options are still one of the things that make Seattle feel a little bit more magical than any other city in the world.” - Seattle Weekly


Word cloud from Bumbershoot 2012 press highlights.

We so appreciate every review, preview, mention, photo–even every tweet, Instagram or Facebook post–that we see from press and fans alike. It’s enough to propel us into our 2013 planning, all of which is well underway. Word.