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Unveiling Performing Arts, Words & Ideas and Theatre

Bumbershoot’s tradition of vibrant Performing Arts, Words & Ideas and Theatre programming continues this year with likes of John Waters, The Writers of Futurama, Seattle Symphony Untuxed and Trivia Night with Ken Jennings. With a full spectrum of performances, shows and personalities to enjoy, all Bumbershoot-goers will be able to indulge their artsy side.

Performing Arts

Bumbershoot’s 2012 Performing Arts and Dance lineup features the best in local and national performance, burlesque, acrobatics and dance spanning the cultural spectrum.

The Performance Arts Stage will present the following programs:

John Waters – This Filthy World: Filthier & Dirtier, Seattle Symphony presents Symphony Untuxed, Galumpha – Experiments in Human Architecture, Maximum VELOCITY, The Atomic Bombshells Burlesque LIVE at Bumbershoot!, The Cherdonna & Lou Show – out out there (A Whole Night Lost)

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Words & Ideas

Words & Ideas is Bumbershoot’s popular literary arts and lectures program that features conversations, performances, panel discussions, and readings exploring the points where pop culture, new media, literature, theories, and trends intersect and explode into new cultural phenomena.

The Words & Ideas Stage will present the following programs:

Writers of Futurama; Trivia Night with Ken Jennings; Charles Phoenix: Destination 1962 Seattle World’s Fair!; The Joy of Censorship
with MAD Magazine‘s Joe Raiola; Letters to Kurt with author Eric Erlandson; Go the F to Sleep with author Adam Mansbach; Modernist Cuisine: Food From a New Perspective; Hedgebrook Busts Fem-Myths; Remix, Plagiarism or Theft? Featuring Kirby Ferguson and Quentin Rowan; Bushwick Book Club, Seattle presents A Wrinkle in Time; Why This? Why That? Why Now? series: Why Fairy Tales? Why War on Women? Why Now?, Why Dubstep? Why Trap Music? Why Now?, and Why Hipsters? Why Slacktivism? Why Now?

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Bumbershoot’s Regional Theatre Program is curated by Theatre Puget Sound, a consortium of theatres and individual artist in the Puget Sound region dedicated to nurturing a healthy and vibrant theatre and arts community. Since 2003, TPS has worked with Bumbershoot to curate exceptional programs highlighting local theatre performers and productions.

The Theatre Stage will present the following programs:

ACT’s Ramayana Youth Ensemble, Washington Ensemble Theatre presents B∃D SN▲KE, Miss Fanny’s Fun Box, Sandbox Audio Live!, Live Girls! Theater presents LG! Cabaret – JUST DANCE Edition, Wing-It Productions presents Election Show, NERDprov, Sketchfest Seattle

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