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Symphony Untuxed

Think the Symphony is stuffy? You won’t after seeing Symphony Untuxed! For the first time, Bumbershoot is partnering with the Seattle Symphony – giving you the chance to meet new Music Director (and 37-year old global superstar) Ludovic Morlot.

Symphony Untuxed will take place during Bumbershoot on Sunday, September 4 at 9:45pm in the Bagley Wright Theater, providing the audience with an opportunity to encounter select musicians from the Orchestra and the Music Director outside of the traditional symphonic experience. The five musical numbers (one of which will feature a rare violin performance by Morlot) include an electric bassoon performance, a string quartet piece by Philip Glass, and a piece entitled “Failing: A Very Difficult Piece For Solo String Bass,” in which the bassist carries on a conversation with the audience while performing.

The performance will allow the audience an intimate opportunity to get to know the musical luminary, as he interviews the other musicians and talks about the musical pieces presented as well as his vision for the Symphony.

Sound intriguing? Grab a Gold Pass to bypass the line at Bagley Wright Theatre and make sure you get a chance to see this truly unique event!