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Announcing 2011 Words & Ideas, Performing Arts, Dance and Theatre programming!

While many focus on the Festival’s diverse musical lineup, Bumbershoot is a full-spectrum cultural and arts mecca, with programming that includes dance, theater, improv, poetry, literature, cultural commentary and discussion in addition to visual arts, spectacles, comedy and film.

That 41-year tradition thrives this year with a vibrant roster of Performing Arts, Words & Ideas, Dance and Theatre programming that gives viewers opportunities to laugh, think, discuss, and experience arts in new and engaging ways—whether through the hilariously subversive food-driven politics of the Vegan Black Metal Chef, the socio-political sci-fi of Battlestar Galactica, the Trey McIntyre Project performing Oh, Inverted World (yes, modern dance set to the music of the Shins!), the unique literature-based theatre of Book-It Repertory Theatre, the compelling vision of Dan Savage and Terry Miller’s It Gets Better, or multi-artists Colin Meloy, Carson Ellis and Kristin Hersh each presenting their works of literature.

These are just a few of the amazing artists and performers who will joining us for Bumbershoot 2011. Read more about this programming in the press release, then visit the lineup page to see who is performing on which day. More announcements coming in the weeks ahead, while the complete schedule will be out on July 13 for your itinerary-planning pleasure.