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Bumbershoot: Seattle's Music & Arts Festival - Seattle, WA

The $29 “Any Day” Tickets have Sold Out!

Thank You Seattle! The $29 Any Day Tickets have Sold Out! If  you weren’t able to get yours in time, don’t fret. Our $75 3-Day Passes are still available in limited quantities, but don’t wait to get yours because when they are gone, they’re gone.

If you did get your Any Day Tickets, congrats! Here’s the top 10 reasons to be happy about it. If not, here’s the top 10 reasons you should think about getting the Any Day Ticket next year, before they are gone!

  1. You change your mind. Like, all the time. The Any Day ticket gives you the freedom to do that up until the last minute, with no regrets.
  2. OK, so YOU have your act together, but your friends are another matter altogether—you wanna hang out together at Bumbershoot, but they can’t make up their minds which day! Go with the flow, and your pals.
  3. You love a bargain, and at $29, the Any Day ticket saves you enough coin for an extra ear of roasted corn AND an elephant ear.
  4. Your boss tries to ruin your life by scheduling you to work when you were planning to go to Bumbershoot. Keep your job, and still see some great music and art—just use your ticket on another day.
  5. Too much party last night? Feel like lying low this morning and nursing that hangover? No sweat. Use your Bumbershoot Any Day ticket tomorrow.
  6. We know September is three months away—buy now, and map out your schedule later.
  7. We all know how wonderfully dangerous it is to walk into Flatstock—buy a $29 Any Day ticket and save the rest of your paycheck for some badass concert posters.
  8. Later this summer your new favorite blog introduces you to your new favorite band, which just happens to be playing at Bumbershoot. What luck! Use your Any Day ticket to see them live, and end your summer on a super high note.
  9. If you do the math, there’s a lot of great music and arts for cheap. Since math might not be your strong subject, let us break it down for you: more than 75 live performances on 20 stages EACH DAY for only $29 = a few dimes a performance!
  10. You know you’re going to go at least one day. So, really, why wait?

Buy a $75 3-Day Pass before they are gone!