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Chart your way through Bumbershoot with the complete, customizable schedule. Find out when and where your favorite artists are playing, so you can plan your day beginning to end. Don’t forget to maximize your Bumbershoot experience by including comedy, film, performing arts, visual arts, and Words & Ideas. Plus, you can play full songs from artists, read band bios, browse pictures and share your schedule when you’re done. Also, you can see who is attending the shows you want to go to, plan “meetups.”

Looking to fill your schedule out? Sort by day, by stage, by genre, by performance type, you name it. Or just search for the band you’re looking to add to your schedule. Log in with your HypeM, last.fm, or Grooveshark profiles to get recommendations for new bands. Then, you can listen to them right away and put them on your schedule.

Plan your schedule now!

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