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Ticket Changes for 2010

Over the years, Bumbershoot fans have driven change at the Festival. We like to think that our fans always have our ear, and with the advent of social media we can say that it is true now more than ever.  Through all of the feedback that we get from our fans, we have been able to improve Bumbershoot and the fan experience with your suggestions in mind.

For Bumbershoot 2010, we’re making a change to our ticketing, focusing on two of your most frequent requests. Some of you say, “I want my Mainstage Pass to be something I can purchase and have guaranteed before Bumbershoot.” Others tell us, “I don’t ever go to the Mainstage. I would like a lower ticket price that fits my experience.” This year, we are saying “YES” to both of those requests.

If you’re at Bumbershoot to see the biggest acts each day on the Mainstage, the Bumbershoot Standard Ticket reserves your spot at those shows and lets you in for all of the rest of the action at the Festival, too. No, we’re not adding a premium fee for this added benefit. It’s the same experience you’ve come to expect at Bumbershoot, but without the hassle of waiting in an extra line, at essentially the same price ($40 advance / $50 gate).

You may be a fan who spends the entire day camped out at the six other music stages or the fan who focuses on the comedy, film, performing arts and everything else happening on the grounds, never setting foot inside the Mainstage. We’re excited to offer to offer you the brand new Bumbershoot Economy Ticket at $22/advance or $30/gate. It’s Bumbershoot Lite, just say, “Hold the Mainstage, please.”

ALSO, we’re allowing even more kids in for free this year! We’ve raised the age that kids get in free to 10 years old and younger! Young families, pack up the kids, start your family Bumbershoot tradition and let them explore a world of music and arts unlike anything else. Please know, however, that kids won’t be admitted to the Mainstage without a paid ticket. More information can be found in the Children section of our FAQ.

By having new ticket options, we hope more people will have the opportunity to come to Bumbershoot and get their art on!

Thanks again for your input. We hope that you’re as excited as we are for 2010 and the 40th annual Bumbershoot!

More information can be found at our tickets page.

UPDATE: For more on Bumbershoot ticket changes in 2010, be sure to read Answers to Your Ticketing Questions by Aubbie.